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Words from our founder.

        "After spending weekends in various cities in the Northeast during the fall and winter of 1928, visiting friends and meeting many charming debutantes, I became convinced that it would be an excellent idea to form a club whose purpose would be the feeling of sisterhood among daughters of the socially prominent Easterners.

          The problem of organizing a group of congenial individuals of similar interests was soon solved. A form was sent out to the most personable and cultured young ladies of the East."

                                                                                                                                          - Agatha Scott   


          Agatha's dream grew rapidly and was followed by prompt action. Applications were mailed and, when returned and membership accepted, a list of prospective members was made.

          The weekend of June 28, 1930, was designated as the best time for the initial organizational meeting, at the home of Beatrice Roberts in New York City.  Although all could not be present, the following fifty young women constituted the charter members of the new club: